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I don't know how many people actually read my entries but i'll give this a shot any way. I am looking for a cartoon that i watched years and years ago when i was little (In the 90's). I don't think it was a Disney film.

Anyway, all i can remember is the main character was a girl with blue/black hair. She is a servant (like Cinderella) to these nasty women who might or might not be her relatives.

I think she finds an old house that has puppets in it which can talk. There's also a handsome man on a black horse. I remember a scene with the horse on a bridge at night and there's lightning and rain. I also remember that it had beautiful and sometimes sad music.

For the life of me i can't remember the name but i do remember that i loved it so much that i watched it like a thousand times.

Please help!

Criminal Minds

Hello again.
I know it's been a while and, in all honesty, if i didn't have to vent i probably wouldn't be posting right now. But on to the venting!

ANGRY does not begin to describe how i feel right now.
I just found out that not only did CBS let go of A.J. Cook from Criminal Minds, but they have also cut Paget Brewster. Why?! Did they just feel the need to mess with a good thing? I'm sure most, if not all Criminal Minds fans, will agree with me when i say that if those two fantastic actresses are not brought back permanently then i have watched my final episode of Criminal Minds.
I think CBS should prepare themselves for a plummet in the ratings. Hopefully that will knock some sense into them!

There. *sighs* That was therapeutic. I'm done... for now.

Almost finished

I have been so busy all year that i really haven't had a chance to post until now.
I can't believe that Honours is almost over. It feels like only yesterday that i was nervous about starting, but i handed in my thesis on Monday and just have a final oral presentation to do in two days and them i've officially finished.


What's new? Nothing much. I'v just gotten into Vampire Diaries (believe it or not but my parents liked it first) and i know without a doubt that i LOVE DAMON!!! Stefan? Who is this Stefan?

It's official. I'm obsessed.


Hello everyone. I'm back. Been stuck in the lab so haven't had much of a chance to update. I'm already half way through Honours and its scary to think i don't have much time left, but i'm enjoying the experience. The people in the lab are really great to work with (except for Katherine. She's such a nag!) Just kidding!

The people in my office are also great. Most are PhD students. You'd think they'd be really dedicated and always have their heads down working, but i'm the one always trying to work and they distract me. Especially Vedia. She just talks and talks and talks. I think she does it so she has an excuse not to do any work. (Love you V!)

Literature Review

I haven't posted in a while, but that's because i started Honours and i have to write a 4000 word literature review. I've almost written a thousand so far, but it's due next tuesday and i'm stressing.
After that i'll finally be going into the lab. I'm a bit nervous but at least i'm not alone. There are 6 other Honours students in the Genetics department so we all support eachother. I haven't been doing much else this last month but i thought i should post something.

Honours & Hercules

So, i finally found out that i got into Honours. Then, i had to go and meet my supervisor. The first time we'd arranged didn't work out because his neighbour backed into his car, so i was stuck at uni waiting for him. It was a wasted trip, so i went back the next day. He told me that it would be tough because it's like nothing i've ever experienced. He also said i might want to quit, but that i should keep going, and that there are people there to give me emotional support. Now i'm really nervous!

However, there's some good news. The seasons of Hercules are finally being released in Australia, and i bought the first season for my dad for Christmas. I just finished watching it and i have fallen in love with Kevin Sorbo all over again. I had a huge crush on him as Hercules when i was younger and watching it on tv, and i'd gotten over it as the years went by, but now IT'S BACK *blushes*
What can i say? Kevin Sorbo looks fantastic as Hercules, with the piercing blue eyes and flowing hair (i can't believe i just said that!)and those muscles! *fanning myself*

About me.

This is for sockkiah, who wanted to know more about people.

first name.



Currently a full time uni student. I also work at a jewelry shop.

I'm single. Never had a boyfriend. Haven't met anyone interesting yet.

No kids without a ring!

I have a younger brother called Jordan.

I had a dog called Monty and a cat called Jake. I had them for years, since i was a kid, and i loved them very much. They both died this year.

list the 3/5 biggest things going on in your life.
-Waiting to see if i got into Honours.
-Hoping to go overseas.
-I am addicted to fanfiction.

Eadmon and Josephine. My dad's Assyrian and my mum's Italian.

who are some of your closest friends?
My best friend is Rhiannon. We've known each other since prep. We went to the same primary school, the same high school and the same university together.

P.S. Thanks for the virtual gift Sockkiah. I have no idea how to do them but i think it's cool.

Robin Hood

I wanted to say something about the BBC's Robin Hood, but i'm going to try a cut for the first time, so here goes.

Robin HoodCollapse )

My eyes! My eyes!

Just when my exams are over and i'm free, i get an eye infectin! It started during my final exam. It felt like i had something in there but i couldn't see anything when i checked. That came and went for a couple of days, then it started hurting. So, i went to the doctor who gave me drops which end up at the back of your throat and taste foul. Anyway, they helped and the pain went away. But, a couple of days ago my eyes started to itch badly and go all red, so i went back to the doctor and she gave me the ointment version of the drops. It's like having oil on my eye. My lashes get sticky and my lids have an oily sheen. Ugh! Hopefully, my eyes should be clear in a few days. Hopefully!


Okay, so i'm not doing much today, just waiting for tonight to watch Criminal Minds, White Collar and True Blood. Also, i've been going over old posts at certain fanfiction sites and i am astounded by the amount of fic that don't exist anymore. The links for them are still there but when you click on it it either says the journal has been deleted and purged or that no such entry exists. It just seems like people have gone and deleted their fics, which is quite disappointing.



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